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Table with Artifacts

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Pop-up Exhibition

The emperor's palace was the wonder of the world. it was made entirely of fine porcelain, extremely expensive but so delicate that you could touch it only with the greatest of care. in the garden the rarest flowers bloomed, and to the prettiest ones were tied little silver bells which tinkled so that no one could pass by without noticing them.”

                               ---- Hans Andersen 《The Nightingale》

Table with Artifacts

 Dance for Cultural Equity SS20


Dance for CULTURAL EQUITY! Dance with people from different countries. 

Oriental Renaissance Fair


We will bring people back to 1000 years ago to the ancient dynasty. You will perform in a way that pays homage to traditional art and style as well as exploring modern reinterpretations!

New York Huafu-Runway SS20

11/23 - 01/05

10 designer brands collection.This high energy afternoon will expand your knowledge and your horizons as a participator. 

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We Are a Culture-Driven NPO!

As a new type of integrated NPO, we've successfully launched our online store that contains the latest culture-related fashion designs. By creating an offline community, we are able to help companies plan and execute events and workshops related to Asian Culture. We also introduce artists, dancers, models, photographers to organizations, and companies that offer show opportunities. Most importantly, we help companies open the NY market and the Asian market by our reliable resources. For the past year, we have successfully organized the Eastern Renaissance Festival in New York and helped couple U.S luxury brands found the Asian talents they need. We also have online communities for people who love ancient culture to join across all social media platforms. We hope we can work with local communities & companies and thrive together to achieve our common goal!


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Address: Suite 508, 325 West 38th st, New York, NY, 10018
Tel:(646) 761-9611   
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